supermistcool fans


SUPER MIST COOL™ offers a unique and reliable outdoors cooling system that is suitable for various outdoors or semi outdoor applications in hot climate countries.

SUPER MIST COOL™ offers the best solution for the areas that are hot, humid and where air conditioning is not effective (and none revenue-generating!!) They would be instantly transformed into cool and comfortable locations.

supermistcool fans

With SUPER MIST COOL™ you will feel immediately the benefits of our practical cooling systems in the outdoors areas, cafés, restaurants and hotels and will be able to take your business outdoors.

SUPER MIST COOL™ system offers the best solution to control hot summer conditions, where you can bring the temperature down and create a unique and appealing atmosphere.

SUPER MIST COOL™ provides services including: –

  • Design
  • Supply
  • Installation
  • Maintenance contract to our customers in order to make sure they enjoy the uninterrupted cooling.

To find out more about the benefits of a SUPER MIST COOL™ system, or for assistance in designing and specifying your next project, contact our Technical Support Staff.

So Super Mist Cool™ system is the natural and ideal solution for outdoor cooling.