How We Cool

How We Cool


 Super Mist Cool™ System incorporates a high-pressure pump with nozzles designed to create an ultra fine fog approximately 10- micron in size.

(about one-tenth the size of human hair). The system works on the principles of ‘flash evaporative’ cooling when the water supply with an ordinary tap water is pressurized to (1000 psi) and forced through nozzles via high-pressure hoses and fitting.

The ultra fine fog evaporates upon contact with heat in the surrounding air and effectively reduces the temperature in the area.

 Super Mist Cool™ system works on domestic electrical and water supply and is environmentally friendly.


  • Leisure and Recreational Areas:   
  • Outdoor cafés, Shee-sha cafés, restaurants, hotels, resorts, pool sides, spas, theme parks, parks, shopping centers, race courses, golf courses, zoos, patios, and tennis courts.
  • Industry:
  • Spot cooling in foundries and other industries where equipment generates immense heat, process cooling, poultry and livestock, and greenhouses.
  • Public Areas: 
  • Bus terminals, bus stops, train stations, walkways, ticketing areas, school halls, and waiting areas.
  • Events:
  • Product and premises launches, conventions, sports meets, concerts, company family days and day-outs, staff parties, corporate functions, weddings, and private parties.

  Any other areas/events, which require cooling relief.